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How Samuel Oshana Makes More Every Year

July 15, 2017
In a stroke of either genius or something else, Samuel Oshana managed to get a real estate brokerage license in the state of Florida. He was already investing heavily in real estate, but he felt like doing this would give him more leverage and greater opportunities, as well. While he likes to invest in both residential and commercial, lately, he has started to focus on finding distressed properties that he can rehabilitation and renovate and turn them into homes people want to buy. This restoration allows him to flip the homes and make an excellent return on investment, even when factoring in the rehab costs.

Most of Samuel Oshana’s success has come in two states, New York and Florida, but since he moved to Florida and started concentrating on real estate, his current success is mostly in Florida. Sam has worked at some of the most important brokerages in the country, including Heartland Securities and JP Morgan. Samuel Oshana continues to invest aggressively, loaning capital to individuals and small companies at the same time he uses their real estate as collateral. That tactic will likely allow him to maintain his success for a while.